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President’s Message

Welcome to September.  I'm writing this seven days into the month and in these 7 days, we had 2 days with highs just over 80 degrees and no rain.  The other high temperatures were high 80's or low 90s.  A welcome change to the HOT temperatures we’ve endured this year.  We’ve had more than 80 days with above average temperatures (not taking the heat index into account) this summer so if you like it hot, this is the year for you.  You know fall is coming because leaving the house around 7 AM requires headlights. 

     Just like every September, the end of the fiscal year approaches.  Many of us think September is stressful, for those people, you need a relaxing lunch break.  Join us on 15 September, at the Leaders' Club for lunch at 11:30. A short business meeting at noon followed by our guest speaker, Mr.Bernie Sanfeliz (RET SGM), discussing moving AAC and HRC into the Maude Complex, the new Human Resource Center of Excellence site.  Some of his challenges will make our challenges seem "normal."  We'll know more about how the Base Realignment and Closure Act really works.

     Don't forget this month's Community Service project.  Please bring your old shoes to the meeting, or to the closest ASMC drop point.  There's more about this very beneficial project in this newsletter.

     The Chapter needs your assistance.  We need a 2nd Vice President.  This is the Programs position and should take about 1 hour of your time each month in addition to attending the monthly meetings.  A schedule has been developed for the remainder of the 2010-2011 year and it’ll be the 2nd VP’s responsibility to "firm up" the speakers and makes certain they get lunch (if they want lunch).  Your help is truly appreciated.

     For those of us working with GFEBS, I'm very concerned about the process.  The roles needed to make those last minute changes really concern me.  I know we'll get through it.  I’m confident we'll certainly learn how to do it better in September 2011.


ASMC Audio Conference on $100B Savings Goal


On August 9th Defense Secretary Gates announced a wide ranging plan to achieve the $100 billion savings goal to support force structure and proceed with modernization.  The Secretary said that the "department must start setting priorities, making real trade-offs, and separating appetites from real requirements."

As a result of this announcement, ASMC is hosting an Audio Conference where The Honorable Robert Hale, Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller) will explain the impact of these initiatives on the financial management community.

The audio conference is scheduled for Tues 21 September at 1100. Fort Knox Chapter will dial in from two locations:  Bldg 1307 and Bldg 1110. 

For additional information or exact locations, contact John Tobakos (3-2529), or  Brenda Elmore (4-6871, Bldg 1110) or Rick Ward (6-0263, Bldg 1307 .) ■



Defense Financial News & Notes













From Defense Financial Highlights, 20Aug10


Secretary Gates expects to leave his post sometime in 2011 according to an interview he gave to Foreign Policy (FP) magazine.  Former President George W. Bush appointed Gates Secretary in 2006 and President Obama retained his services when he took office.  Gates told FP that he had not intended to stay on as secretary and was preparing the way for his successor.  But, he said he could not say no when Obama asked him to stay.  “I punted all these balls to my successor and discovered I was the receiver,” he said in the interview.  At first he agreed to stay for a year, but, according to FP, as his influence with the president grew in both budgetary and strategic policy matters, he changed his mind.  He became convinced that managing two wars required continuity and he saw an opportunity to make real reforms in acquisition and the way DOD does business.  He began a series of reforms and changes that culminated in his announcement last week of significant cuts to contracting, freezes and potential reductions to civilian personnel levels, and organizational reforms that will dismantle the Business Transformation Agency and JFCOM, and change how IT is managed in DoD.  There has been some criticism of these initiatives, especially from Congress, and many observers believe that he will have to press hard to put them in place, especially during the FY2012 congressional budget review next year.  He has shown in the past his willingness to work hard to implement his plans, such as with his proposal to stop building the F-22.  However, the fight to implement these initiatives may be his last.  Now that combat operations in Iraq will end in August and the withdrawal of combat forces from Afghanistan is set to begin in July 2011, Gates told FP that he is ready to retire before the end of next year.  He said he wants to give the President enough time to find a good replacement.  However, that will leave only one year to the next election and he still has over a year left before he says he plans to go.  Pentagon spokesperson Geoff Morrell, responding to questions from MSMBC about the Secretary's intentions, cautioned the press that Gates' statement was not an "announcement."  Morrell reminded reporters that "he still has a lot to do."  So the real question is what will Gates say if the president asks him to stay for just one more year






From Defense Financial Highlights, 20Aug10


Charges that federal civilian employees receive much higher pay compared to private sector employees are “unfair and untrue” countered John Berry, Director of the Office of Personnel Management (OPM).  In a recent press release, Berry said that well-publicized reports do not present fair comparisons of public and private sector pay.  Berry said these studies calculate salary levels as gross averages for the private sector, which includes the pay of entry-level employees in the retail and food service sectors.  He pointed out that the federal government employs relatively few of these workers, which makes comparisons misleading.   Berry said data show that many federal employees are in highly specialized jobs, such as IT and health professionals, and that even here, their pay is lower than that for their counterparts in the private sector.   He acknowledged that  federal government employees receive good pay and benefits, but pointed out that working for the federal government often “is about more than money.”  He applauded the efforts of federal employee who work hard and are dedicated to their jobs.  Nevertheless, while  Berry expressed confidence in OPM’s figures, he admitted that the process the agency uses to analyze pay data is more than 20 year old.  He told Federal Times that OPM and experts from the Labor Department will begin in September to review the procedures used to measure the public/private pay gap.





From Defense Financial Highlights, 20Aug10


The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) last week released a list of high risk IT projects as a result of the review it ordered in July.  The list includes 26 projects from 15 agencies.  The lifecycle costs of 23 of the projects totals $30 billion.  The costs of three DoD projects (the Navy’s Future Pay and Personnel System and the Army and Air Force’s Integrated Pay and Personnel System) will not be available until September.  The total lifecycle costs of the fourth DoD system listed—Expeditionary Combat Support System (ECSS)—was $2 billion.  ECSS is being designed to replace over 700 Air Force legacy IT systems to streamline the AF logistics supply chain.  According to, federal CIO Vivek Kundra told reporters in a conference call that the goal was not to kill these programs, but to make them operate “better and faster.”  According to the plan outlined in the July memo, agencies will now have one month to develop improvement plans for the projects on the list. The plans should include stronger contractor performance metrics and revised acquisition strategies with specific corrective actions for achieving improvement goals.  After the plans are submitted, they will be reviewed in TechStat Accountability Sessions, which will be led by the CIO.  OMB will use the outcomes of these sessions when reviewing FY2012 budgets.  ■
Community Service

By Brenda Elmore, Chair



How Many Shoes Do You Own?  Most of us, especially us women, have waaaaay too many shoes in our closets!  Well, do I have a solution for that!


As I mentioned at the August ASMC meeting, our new community service project for September and October will be collecting shoes for Shoeman Water Projects. 


Shoeman Water Projects is a ministry of Eagle Wings Ministries, in St. Louis.  One of their projects is to collect donated pairs of shoes and give them a second life by selling them to exporters and recyclers for resale and/or materials for new items. 


This year they have teamed up with Edge Outreach in Louisville in a shoe collection project.  Edge Outreach provides water purification systems to provide safe drinking water to people in developing countries, such as Haiti, Dominican Republic, Peru, etc. 


If Edge Outreach can collect 1 million pairs of shoes by 31 Dec, Eagle Wings Ministries will give them $500,000 for water purification systems.


What kind of shoes can I donate, you ask??  We will accept adults and children’s shoes—all types from flip flops to ice/roller skates to combat boots, as long as they are in pairs.  Things that you think are too worn out to be of use to anyone can still be sold to a recycler for the materials in them.  We will take just about anything you wear on your feet.


I have some volunteers lined up to help me collect in the most heavily populated areas around post, just as we did for the Wall of Hunger drive. 


The POCs will have zip ties available to bind each pair of shoes together if you need that.  You can also tie the laces together or buckle them together if possible.


Following the October ASMC meeting, I will collect all the donated shoes and take them to a drop off location in E’town. 


This is a good time to clean out your closets or get rid of all those shoes that the kids have out grown.


Let’s make this project as big a success as our Wall of Hunger project was. 


Alternate location POCs are:

   Bldg 206 – Jane Alder, 6-1065

   Bldg 1003 - Tom Kakaris, 4-1210

   Bldg 1110 – Brenda Elmore, 4-6871  

   Bldg 1307 – Athleen Wiles, 6-0604

   Maude Complex:

      Bldg 1 – Rebecca Marrow, 3-4078

      Bldg 6 – Kathy Dinsmore, 3-2778

                     or Betty Graham, 3-1008


Brenda, Gina, and Kathy loading a few of the collected cans into Brenda’s vehicle


Speaking of the Wall of Hunger, let me thank everyone who donated canned goods for this project.  Our Chapter collected 495 items and one of the coordinators called me to offer their thanks for our tremendous effort.  I also want to thank Jane Alder, Athleen Wiles, Kathy Russo and Gina Plegge who were the alternate location POCs.  We racked up over 40 community service hours for this project!  Whooah! 


If you didn’t get a chance to go by and see the end result, there are photos on page 5. Once the Heartland Festival was over, deconstruction of the wall took place.  In just two days, volunteers (some from ASMC) were able to take the wall down and moved all 134,722 cans back to Feeding America. It was impressive to say the least.  In all, 213,123 cans were collected from across the community. What a tremendous show of support!   Thanks again to our members and coworkers who supported our efforts. 











2010-2011 Chapter Officers and Executive Council

Public Service   Brenda Elmore                                      G4/G8, USAARMC                                  624-6871


If you have any suggestions or questions concerning ASMC, please contact one of these individuals. 



Best Chapter–Size B

Five Star Status

Community Service


 Best Chapter Winner:  ’95, ’97, ’05, ’06, ’08, 09


Best Chapter Runner-up:  ’87, ’89, ’93, ’94, ’96, ‘01, ’02


Five Star Chapter:  ’95, ’96, ’97, ’99, ‘01, ’02, ’03, ’04, ’05, ’06, ’07, ‘09


Community Service Winner:  ’97, ’02, ‘03, ’04, ’06, ’07, ’08, ‘09


Best Newsletter Winner:  ’95, ’96, ’07, ’08, 09


Bet ‘cha didn’t know this bit of ASMC trivia:    The Fort Knox Chapter has received more awards than any other chapter since 1995 – that’s 15 years!!!  The fact was noted in the most recent Issue of Armed Forces Comptroller Magazine…..



Monthly Meetings Schedule


Membership meetings are held the 3rd Wednesday of the month in the Tankers Lounge at the Leaders Club.  Once the new dining facility at the Maude Complex is open for business, we may have occasional changes of venue.  We’ll keep you posted. 


15 September @ Leaders Club   

Lunch at 1130; meeting at 1200.  


20 October @ the Maude Complex Dining Facility

     – nothing official yet, but keep your fingers crossed!

17 November @ Leaders Club

8 December – Brief meeting followed by the ever-popular ornament       exchange!  Location to be determined!







August Membership Meeting Minutes (M3) Recap


By Gina Plegge, Chapter Secretary


The Fort Knox Chapter of ASMC held its August meeting in the Bullion Room of the Leaders Club on 18 August 2010.  The meeting was called to order at 1200 by the Chapter President, John Tobakos.   Attendance was checked by observation; a quorum was present and the minutes from the previous meeting were submitted and approved.  The treasurer’s report was given and membership was reported steady.    


New Business:

Brenda Elmore, Community Service Chair, discussed the upcoming Shoeman Water  Projects.  During the months of September and October, ASMC will be collecting pairs of shoes to support Edge Outreach Program in Louisville.  Shoeman Water Projects, a Ministry of Eagle Wings Ministries, and Edge Outreach have combined efforts with a goal in mind. Shoeman Water Projects gives donated shoes a second life by selling them to exporters and recyclers for resale and/or materials for new items.  Edge Outreach provides water purification systems to provide safe drinking water to people in developing countries, such as Haiti, Dominican Republic, Peru, etc.

If Edge Outreach can collect 1 million pairs of shoes by 31 Dec, Eagle Wings Ministries will give them $500,000 for water purification systems. Brenda asked for volunteer POCs to set up collection points and coordinate collection effort in various buildings across the installation.  The drive will continue until the October 20th meeting when the contributions will be consolidated and delivered to project coordinators in Louisville.  Shoes can be in any condition and must be in pairs. Be sure to tie the laces together or use zip strips to keep them in pairs.



The guest speaker for the August luncheon was Donna Frazier, Garrison Resource Manager.  Ms. Frazier spoke on the Garrison's funding stream for the remainder of FY10 and also for FY11.  As with all budgets, funds are limited and her presentation was very informative.    Although IMCOM will be taking a 20% reduction in people and dollars in FY 11, they will continue to perform installation services (i.e., janitorial, grounds maintenance, etc.) at the same level of support being performed in FY 10. 

At the conclusion of the presentation, John presented Ms. Frazier with a Soldier statue.

 A total of $77 was collected for our Scholarship Program.  Ms. Bredna Elmore, Managerial Accounting Division, MCoE (Fort Knox)  was the holder of the lucky ticket and received a third ($9) of the collected funds. 

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 1245. ■

Fort Knox Chapter

Treasurer’s Report

for month ending 30 August 2010


Beginning balance                    $2025.39



      Scholarship                                  $18.00

      ASMC Rebate                   $170.00

      ASMC Chapter Award    $400.00

      ASMC Charity Raffle        $ 63.00

                Total Receipts:          $ 651.00


          No activity

              Total Disb.                 -  $           0


Ending Balance                                  $ 2676.39


FKFCU (Savings)                     $1,343.23

FKFCU (Checking)                  $ 1333.16


                                                  $ 2676.39










Total on Deposit                      $ 3,969.89

























Fort Knox Chapter Executive Council Meeting Recap


By Gina Plegge, Chapter Secretary


The Chapter Executive Council (CEC) held a brief session  immediately following the membership meeting on 18 August 2010. John Tobakos, Chapter President called the meeting to order.

Discussions were held by the council concerning how to increase the chapter’s visibility and garner support from across the installation.  BRAC is bringing in organizations that should increase our membership and we need to reach out to the RMs and get them involved.  The council hopes to be able to fill key committee chair positions as well.  John and Bob (1st VP) will set up office calls with the various RMs and schedule a lunch in early October.  The agenda for the luncheon will include discussing ASMC and the benefits to both sides of an active chapter. 

Possible dates for the Mini-PDI were discussed.  Second Thursday in March was proposed but conflicts with the scheduled EDFMT course.  Probable date will be either 17 or 24 March depending on availability of the venue, the Schmidt Coca Cola Museum in Elizabethtown.  Mini-PDI committee will be the CEC with hopes that Kathy Russo will assist. 

May at the Red Cross will be contacted to firm up the date for ASMC day to assist at Santa’s Workshop.  Are hoping for 6 December (first Monday in the month) and once confirmed will work on scheduling helpers. 

Chapter needs to put contract in place with the Leaders Club for the monthly meetings as in the past.

The meeting adjourned at 1300.
Chapter Members News and Moves


     Congratulations to Ashley Sheek, USAAC on your promotion to GS11.  Ashley, an AMC Fellow,  is currently doing a rotation in the Budget Division, G4/8.

     Extending a warm welcome to COL Roger S. Basnett, HRCoE who recently arrived from Fort Bragg, NC to serve as the DCS G8.  He’s transferred his ASMC membership from the Sand Hill Chapter to ours!   

    Please join me in welcoming our newest member, Mr. Garrick Thomas, HRCoE.  Garrick, a budget analyst and  member of the Financial Services Team, recently transferred to Fort Knox with his wife, SFC Janice Thomas. 

Gentlement, don’t forget, your first lunch with us is on the chapter…a small token to officially welcome you to the Fort Knox Chapter!

     Congratulations to Vivian Kinkade, MCoE (Fort Knox), on your temporary promotion to GS12, Budget Analyst in the Program and Budget Division!

     Carrie Sutton, USAAC was recently awarded the Superior Civilian Service Award for her efforts as Deputy NSPS2GS Transition Manager for the US Army Accessions Command.    Congratulations Carrie!

     Congratulations to Dianna Dorsey, HRCoE and Kathy Dinsmore, USAAC for receipt of performance awards while serving at USAARMC G4/G8.  


Headlines of Interest - available through National Website

The ASMC National website has a link to Defense Financial Highlights which is updated weekly with articles of interest to the defense financial management community.   The following is a list of recent headlines:

*    New per diem rates set for FY2011

*    DLA and industry need to work together to lower costs and improve buying power

*    QDR review panel recommends reforms to military compensation and benefits

*    OMB Mid-Session Review shows slight improvement in the FY2010 deficit

If you are interested in reading these or other articles, go to and click on the icon on the left side of the page labeled Financial News Highlights and the ASMC Viewpoint. ■